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Softatalo AIDA Oy specializes in the optimization, research, development and implementation of energy systems. Our competent team represents top international know-how in this field.

We have developed optimization programs for energy savings that are based on new thinking and applications. With our system energy consumption can be lowered in nearly all operations and functions that consume energy. We use the world's most exact measurement and optimization programs for pipelines.

Innovative Energy saving


Softatalo AIDA Oy assembles high quality products from different components and creates efficient energy saving systems. Our energy optimization program makes possible the restriction of overflow and overpressure in buildings resulting in energy savings e.g. in water, district heating, oil, natural gas and steam consumption.

Unique and dependable methods together with new automation technology produce about 10 - 30 % savings in district heating, oil, natural gas and water consumption in a short repayment period.

Open Cooperation with


Cooperation with our clients is based on constructive interaction. Mutual trust and openness in all phases of the project has proven to be a successful solution from preliminary planning to implementation of the projects.

Product development


Softatalo AIDA Oy's energy optimization system was born as result of international teamwork, research and product development by A-Sprinkleri Oy supported by SITRA - Finnish National Fund for Research and Development.

Product development created energy saving optimization programs based on new thinking for minimizing energy consumption in nearly all operations requiring energy.

The energy optimization programs developed by A-Sprinkleri Oy are utilized only by Softatalo AIDA Oy, internationally known as AIDA Inc.

Softatalo AIDA Oy:

* Started business operations in 1995
* Membership at the German-Finnish Chamber of Commerce
* Membership at the EU/CCR Register (PHARE and TACIS projects)
* Hornet counter-purchase company during 1996 - 97, GE Trading, New York

idea &

Ecological thinking expands the heart beat of sustainable development

Softatalo AIDA Oy's energy optimization system combines the ecological viewpoint with economic targets. Our energy savings programs focus on optimization of district heating, water consumption, steam, oil, natural gas, air conditioning and refrigeration systems.

The main objects of our planning and implementation are residential buildings, office buildings and industrial plants.

New optimal district heating centers


Softatalo AIDA Oy also executes so-called optimal district heating centers where fuzzy logic automation i.e. self-tracking automation is combined with a weather sensor and accurate temperature sensors. District heating centers are applicable to both renovation and new construction. The so-called optimal district heating center saves as much as 20 - 30 % in the annual consumption of district heating costs compared with existing technology.

New automation technology together with our energy saving methods increases efficiency and reduces energy consumption by cutting overflow and excessive pressure. This can be proved by comparing the amount of energy consumption of exactly the same operations with the optimized energy consumption.

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